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A shot of the welcome screen when game client starts.

Dawnlands is an Open-World Co-op Survival, Crafting game with a massive world and epic lore. A variety of biomes, relics, and puzzles dot the landscape... an ancient land, lain dormant for centuries, is waiting to be awoken. New stories are waiting to be written.

Collect the materials you need to design and build your bases to uncover and defeat the monsters. You were fated to be the chosen savior of the world.

Primary Features[]



The 6 biomes currently available for exploration

Uncover the secrets hidden in every corner and experience immersive environmental simulation, featuring day and night cycles and changing weather.

Each player's world is massive and unique which allows you to explore various types of lands.There are 10 different biomes in the game world out of which, only 6 are available to players to explore as of yet.

Dungeons, monsters and bosses are spread across the huge map spanning acres; and along with the hardships, also come highly rewarding weapons and armor. Exploring and uncovering the huge map, is nothing short of a monumental task.


Being one of the most important aspects of the game, survival is integrated into each and every activity that warriors undertake. Some of the activities include wood-cutting, mining, terrain modification, smelting, forging, farming, and more.

A rich supply of resources is spread out across the world map which provides warriors with the basic tools they need to survive in the wild.

Craft and Build[]


A wooden bungalow built from scratch by a warrior

Alongside survival, crafting weapons, clothes and items is essential to progress. Building one's own shelters or even entire bases can be a taxing but rewarding work. Quick building skills will take you a long way and contribute significantly to making a warrior's life easier. The gameplay is highly liberalised offering highly functional extensive construction options.

Game Modes[]


A picture showing warrirors in a world engaging in different activities at their base.

Last but not the least, you can group up with other players in a world or choose to go alone in the single-player mode. As of yet, Dawnlands allows a maximum of 4 warriors (including the world owner) to settle in a multiplayer world and a maximum of 4 warriors (excluding the world owner) to visit a multiplayer world.

There are a total of three game modes :

  • Single-player
  • Multiplayer
  • Sandbox

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“The blessing of the Goddess once brought a long-lasting peace on earth. It was till that day when the Demon Lord came all of a sudden and wreaked havoc everywhere on earth. The Goddess rallied the warriors to fight against the Demon Lord without flinch. Having to retreat after being defeated, the Demon Lord turned into wisps of curses and fled, awaiting the opportunities to comeback. In the places where the curses were laid upon, all things on earth were plunged into misery and suffering. It didn't come to an end until the warriors following the Goddess came. For hundreds of years They tracked down hither and thither from continent to continent battling with demons of all kinds.

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